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Jomo Gecaga confirming relationship with Lola Hannigan raises alot of questions

June 23, 2020 at 11:30
Jomo Gecaga confirming relationship with Lola Hannigan raises alot of questions

Jomo Gecaga, the man who reportedly acts as the literal gatekeeper to the power at Statehouse is a man whose romantic dalliances truly evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder if not envy.

President Uhuru´s nephew and Lola Hannigan come out public on secret relationship that bore them a daughter (Video)

When he first happened to feature on tabloids, he was dating Anne Kiguta, the K24 media personality. They were photographed together at a red-carpet premiere of the James Bond movie Spectre.

Jomo Gecaga fuels breakup rumor with Anne Kiguta as he appears in public with Lola Hannigan (Photos)

Then it became clear they were an item. When that happened, as these things go, one thing led to another and soon enough, they were blessed with twins. That was as far as the narrative of Jomo Gecaga and Anne Kiguta went on the headlines. As soon as the babies arrived, they drew the curtain of privacy over their lives. And that was the last time their relationship was whispered about.

Lola Hannigan on holiday with Jomo Gecaga

That coincided with the new rumours about Jomo Gecaga and socialite hotty, Lola Hannigan. And almost as soon as the rumours began circulating, we were treated to photos seemingly authenticating the gossip. And Anne Kiguta seemingly silently exited stage left.

Photos of private jet that ferried Sonko, socialite Lola Hannigan and other celebs to the birthday party of president Uhuru’s niece

It is with this background that we begin to see the questions forming especially now that Jomo Gecaga and Lola Hannigan have made their relationship public and the fact aswell that his family seem to have accepted her as his choice.

Nana and Lola

And those questions are:

President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecage: Am a recovering alcoholic, i used to drink up to a crate of beer in one sitting

1. Is Jomo Gecaga still with Anne Kiguta and if so, is theirs a polygamous setting?

This would actually be pretty based! This is that big man energy.

2. Is there going to be a wedding?

Jomo Gecaga is a senior bachelor who has seen everything in life except a wedding and God. Seeing as how meeting God comes with the finality of death, perhaps we should instead focus on the wedding question.

Jomo Gecaga and Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta with baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga

3. Why doesn’t Anne Kiguta have any photos of her with Jomo Gecaga?

It is definitely not because he is averse to photos so what exactly is the reason?

4. Is Lola Hannigan a home-wrecker or is Jomo Gecaga simply the type of man to flow with masculine energy and urges?

The reason this is important is that it will answer the question of whether he will soon enough be swayed by the next young, hot beauty that he happens upon.

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