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“Jonte and Kamore you’ve been warned!” Hessy Wa Kayole shares photos of the young men he will shoot to kill next time!

July 11, 2017 at 12:07
"Jonte and Kamore you've been warned!" Hessy Wa Kayole shares photos of the young men he will shoot to kill next time!

When you hear of Hessy, you better fold your hands together…that’s if you one who enjoys taking what does not belong to you.

So far, the renown cop has issued a couple of warnings to the youth indulging in crime and violence and from the look of things he always gives them two options… To change or die but as usual most end up with bullets in their bodies.

After warning the young females caught up in their boyfriends blood money, Hessy is back with a new list that consists of two guys he had asked to reform before he pumps bullets in their bodies.

Through his Instagram page, the fella wrote saying;


These are the guys I have warned severally but wamekataa kabisa kubadilika. Jonte (in white) and Kamore (with chains). Juzi mliibia watu sana and especially women hapo Buru Ndogo-Dandora phase 5. Jana pia saa mbili na nusu Usiku mliibia watu simu na pesa, hadi mkadunga mzee fulani hapo kisu.

He went on to add,


Naskia mnaambia watu mnataka kwenda mbinguni because mmechoka na dunia, msiwe na wasiwasi, very soon each one of you will get a direct ticket to where you belong.

Speaking to Kamore, Hessy wrote to say;

Kamore ulihama Dandora ukaenda kuishi saika, no nowadays unatoka Saika kusumbua watu hapa Dandora! NYINYI !!!!…… SAWA SAWA !!!!!”

We have lost so many youths so far, hopefully these boys will pay attention and reform if possible!


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