Jose Chameleone and Daniella Atim’s divorce turns nasty as she deletes his photos on her Instagram account

Music legend Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone announced he was divorcing his wife Daniella Atim on social media.

“Everything has an End! I failed, I was not the best I could be! What else do we need, God had blessed us, loved us, he will always be there for us: Stupid people will think it’s a promotional craft. And put their stupid opinion. But for us who know what we are going through, enough is enough!! We need to live beyond our egos!! I am single and not searching!! I will be the last man standing D’ I let you be Be Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove myself more than I have only losers will prove you have been everything but enough is enough I wish you the best. Heartbroken but have to make a decision finally. When the going gets tuff the tuff gets going,” wrote Jose Chameleone on Facebook.

IG reconfigured

Daniella Atim has since broken her silence following the public breakup with her husband of 10 years. The mother of five deleted her baby daddy’s photos from her Instagram account only leaving photos of their children.

She also posted suggestive captions hinting on her feelings towards the separation.

“If your skin starts clearing up after you stop talking to someone…. It’s a sign,” Daniella posted in one post.

Her other post reads;

“Give it to God and go to sleep”.



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