Jovial Explains Why She Prefers Having Male Friends Than Female (Screenshot)

Image: Jovial

They say a woman’s worst enemy is a woman. And the latter has been proved by musician Jovial, who has strongly reprimanded women for being jealous for their fellow women. The ‘Such Kinda Love’ hitmaker recently took to her socials to calibrate why she’d rather opt to have male friends rather than female, adding that her circle of friends is limited to men, especially her production team.

”Someone asked me why I don’t have friends… I do have friends… But male friends and that’s my team! Hakuna watu hukuwa chilled kama maboys! Anytime anyday!,” she wrote in part.

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She continued to justify her sentiments on why she prefers a team filled with men.

”Depends on how you carry yourself! Wanawake hatupendani. Sijui shida hukuwa gani.

One of the reasons why I’m choosy when it comes to female collaborations, I hate negative vibes man. Those who know me know me…. That’s why I prefer a male team! Focused!”

Jovial continued to state that one of the reasons there were fewer female artists in the industry than male is because of less love by them;

”Kwanza ogopa wale hukuita ‘babe’ Those are the worst. Hata pressure za IG zinatokana na madem. That’s why female artists are less in the industry. No love!”

Jovial’s sentiments makes sense. And the number of her collaborations with male artists prove it all

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