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Jovial Has Been Used And Dumped By Willy Paul

December 02, 2022 at 10:03
Jovial Has Been Used And Dumped By Willy Paul

Willy Paul’s antics in enticing women to cosset him can’t go un-noticed. The singer is infamously known for this, which is accompanied by $ex scandals. At one time, Pozze revealed that he fell into depression following accusations of sexual assault in the past that saw him lose many business deals.

Willy Paul made headlines following accusations of sexual assault made by singer Bahati’s wife Diana B and Miss P, with the latter, in an interview, accusing him of being predatory.

The singer is arguably one of the most controversial singers in the Kenyan music scene.

He can be described as someone who has built his flourishing music career through controversy and speculations.

Clout Gone Haywire

Willy Paul Begs To Sleep With Singer Jovial, "You'll Beg For More" - Nairobi Wire

Willy Paul and Jovial have been close for a while; and they even claimed to be dating when netizens questioned their relationship. From how we know, Willy Paul was shooting his shot at Jovial, praising her beauty and curves. He was thirsty for Jovial.

Eventually, his wish was granted by Jovial. The two went ahead to share a Kiss publicly. This means there was probably more that happened between them.

But recently, Jovial denied there was anything between them. It’s obvious that this is damage control.


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