Jowie Irungu forced to explain himself after video emerges showing he is back to the party life!

Image: Jowie Irungu

Jowie Irungu has been making headlines the past few days and the good this is that he has been making them for the right reasons!

However, after linking up with his old squad this past weekend; there are those pointing fingers at him for allegedly faking how changed he has since become.

Well, this is after Joe Muchiri shared a video smoking some vape before pointing his camera towards Jowie; who was seated right next to him having some Redbull!

Not quit sure what Joe Muchiri’s intentions were but as usual the online critics couldn’t let this slide easily without ‘exposing’ Jowie!

So far fans on social media have gone ahead to judge Jowie; (mostly because of the vape) but we now have his response.

Jowie Irungu

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Shuts down rumors

Well turns out that the person featured on the video is indeed Jowie; but in his defense people should not judge him by Joe Muchiri’s actions!

Through his Instagram page Jowie wrote a detailed post where he said;

Whether my fan is an alcoholic or a smoker, I will respect his choice of living but I won’t judge upon his life or character. He and she is living their lives. Stop judging and cut the cord. Let whom ever is themselves be them. I will take a photo with you but I won’t have what you are having.
#cutthicord Talk to God. Not to others about others. Cutthicord

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Jowie’s post


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