Jowie Irungu Sentenced To Death-Here’s What It Means For Him

High court judge Justice Nzioka has issued a death sentence on March 13th after delays due to late submissions from involved parties.

Important Note: Death sentences in Kenya are automatically converted to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or probation.

Judges hold the authority to determine an appropriate sentence within the legal framework.

In delivering the verdict, the judge highlighted submissions by the prosecution on the “serious and grievous harm occasioned to the deceased” using a weapon they described as “dangerous.”

She went on;

“The first accused person stole the ID of Dominic Bisera two days before the commission of the offence, armed himself with a gun, carried a Kanzu, put it over his clothes, went to Lamuria gardens, disguised his identity, gained access to the apartment of the deceased, murdered the deceased, left the deceased’s house, changed his clothes and eventually went home and burnt the clothes which he wore during the commission of the offence.”

In relation to this, Jowie has been handed over a death sentence, which means he will now spend all his life in prison.

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