Jowie Irungu’s Family Reacts To His Lifetime Imprisonment

Musician Jowie Irungu has been sentenced to death on his final hearing following Monica Kimani’s death. Even though his fiancee Jaqcue Maribe was among the suspects, she was released after she was found not guilty.

The decision was made by high court judge Justice Nzioka, who issued a dea th sentence on March 13th after delays due to late submissions from involved parties.

Family Reacts

His amily, which was in tow during his hearing, seemed not shaken by the decision, but maintained that Jowie was innocent over the incident.

His mother claimed that he was still innocent despite the ruling, adding that he would be released despite the decision.

”My son Jowie Irungu ni innocent. Hajafanya kosa yoyote. Hajaua. Kuna God of seconnd chances. Na atamtoa. He is like Josepph. Ahululumiwa hivi na Mungu akamtoa. Naamini Mungu atamtoa wakati wake ukifika.”

Jowies hearing has taken several months; and he has finally been given the final ruling. He will now spend the whole of his life in prison

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