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Joyce Murira: Kenyan men are weak simps who enrich commercial sex workers

March 08, 2023 at 08:57
Joyce Murira: Kenyan men are weak simps who enrich commercial sex workers

Kenyan men are weak simps. You think not? Well then I take it you haven’t har about a TikTok star called Murira. If you have, hand to my heart, you will not respect Kenyan men. and now I understand why feminism has ravaged Kenyan society quite in the extensive way it has.

Njoki Murira Is Proof Enough Parents Don’t Care How You Make Money- Just Get Rich!

Basically, the simps have turned into pay-pigs and have put her in such a great financial situation that she is now building a house for her parents. That says nothing about her but spaks volumes about these pay-pigs.

Murira is a sm,art woman, she understands the people she is dealing with. She understands that she is dealing with simps and weak, thirsty men. So what dops she do? She makes content centred around her buxom buttocks and people subscribe for more.

Reasons Why Njoki Murira Is Remaining Relevant To Her Followers

And she has managed to capture all types of men in her digital dragnet; married and single, everyone is tuned in to see how she will next showcase her assets and what’s even more mindblowing is that she doesn’t do anything erotic, it is simply a woman with a big ass doing random things and Kenyan men have subscribed to her to the point she has amassed 2 million followers.

And these pay pigs, these weak Kenyan men are not the type you would want leading you on a field of battle. Sure some of them are successful but I would not want a mentor who leads with his wallet. And this is a tstament of just how useless Kenyan men truly are. We do not weigh the value of a man, we instead simply act like little girls with a crush on men who have money. That is why we celebnrate thieves, conmen and corrupt politicians despite knowing their wealth to be ill-gotten.

Kenyans have a right to question village girl Njoki Murira’s content after clocking 1M followers on TikTok

Simops and pay-pigs who wonder why their women are always calling Maina Kageni to complain about their uselessness.

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