Jua Cali to Willy Paul: Welcome to secular industry

Willy Paul has been criticized multiple times for dropping ‘gospel’ songs that have no message whatsoever to inspire the Christian faithful.

He recently sparked public uproar when he dropped a new song ‘Sikireti’ featuring Jamaican singer Bad Gyal Cecile. As if that’s not enough, Willy Paul dropped another highly controversial song dubbed ‘Alkaida’.

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Secular artiste

The king of Genge has joined Kenyans to throw shade at Willy Paul. Jua Cali officially welcomed Willy Paul to the secular industry after he dropped ‘Alkaida’.

Jua Cali took to social media and shared a clip of Willy Paul’s ‘Alkaida’ video and captioned it;

“Na nukia ka Cologne/ Nivute kama NDOM
Karibu secular mzee ??????????????????”


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