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Juliani confirms romantic relationship with former Machakos First Lady

September 01, 2021 at 10:47
Juliani confirms romantic relationship with former Machakos First Lady

For the past few weeks Juliani has making headlines thanks to his alleged relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Yes, the singer took away a whole governor’s wife just like that; leaving many of us wondering what kind of vibe Juliani has – that outmatched all that money in Machakos Governor’s bank.

Lilian Ng’ang’a chilling with Juliani

But it is what is!

Anyway with a new photo from Juliani moments before deleting it; his relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a became obvious; and although they are ‘trying’ to hide from their online fans; something about Juliani’s calculative moves seem to prove that he wants the world to know about his new found love.

Juliani and bestie, Lilian

Juliani confirming relationship?

As seen on his latest tweet, Juliani thanks those who reached out to him; (probably about the relationship) in a statement where he wrote;

Music star Juliani

Asante sana for all who’ve reached out the past couple of weeks. Mola awazidishie.

On the same detailed post; Juliani went on to make it known that the rumors surrounding his relationship with Ng’ang’a are true. Although he did not use the exact words on my paragraph; the young man however wrote;

No need for a statement about the obvious issue. I know you can think for yourselves. Draw your own conclusions. I believe in you.


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