Juliani’s baby mama gets candid about her body image and weight gain

Actress Brenda Wairimu is not only known for her acting skills but was also popular for her petite body. 5 years ago she remained the envy of many women who couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to maintain a petite body even after giving birth to her daughter. But I guess it’s all in her genes.

Well they say change is enviable and after the Corona pandemic happened – Brenda Wairimu’s physical appearance also started taking a turn. Yes, finally she was gaining weight – something most of her fans noticed immediately.

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Some said she was pregnant – but hey it’s been 2 years now with no bump or baby to blame for the body weight. So what really happened? Well, this is something I wish I could  also explains but unfortunately Brenda Wairimu is yet to talk about it too.

Loving her new self

Anyway if you’re wondering if Brenda Wairimu is worried about her new body weight and image; guess what – she doesn’t! Actually she seems to have fallen in love with the woman she has since grown into and to prove this, the mother of 1 shared a new photo to which she captioned;

Brenda Wairimu flaunts thick curves

Isn’t it crazy how womens bodies go in and out of style? Once upon a time, the heavier you were the more appealing you were said to be. Then came the age of every woman wanting to be slim as can be, then the BBL era, who knows what is next!!!

So according to her, nothing said by the society about a persons body is worth paying attention to; that is if you’re comfortable with your image. In conclusion, she added;

What I am trying to say is, may your body be exactly how YOU want it to be, because society changes it’s mind on what is deemed beautiful every other year, be your own kind of beautiful.

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