“She just popped a couple of pills” JB Masanduku narrates how Tina Kaggia tried to commit suicide in front of him

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Are things turning against Tina Kaggia? After coming out to reveal the reason she split with her comedian husband, JB Masanduku has also shared his side of the story.

In a recent interview the guy told the world that his ex wife had been physically abusing him something that has left many talking. According to the guy, he was not planning on revealing what happened between him and the mother of his kids. But, after Tina decided to play the pity party card he had no choice but to come out clean.

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Masanduku does not deny that he was a heavy drinker – but says that he is now clean and is leading a healthy lifestyle. From his latest photos, it is evident to see that he has put on some weight an indication that he could be telling the truth.

His shocking confession

Well, JB has also revealed to Mpasho that Tina Kaggia tried to commit suicide in front of him. The comedian says that a while back they met at an Ethiopian restaurant where the drama began. After talking to his ex wife for a while, JB says that she got hold of some pills and tried to stuff them in her mouth.

It was like a setup. The advantage I had is it was at the Ethiopian restaurant Sip N Lip, so I rushed her to the hospital. At least I have backup, the guys at Sip N Lip tried to…i called out for help cause she was really fighting to take as many pills as possible to make sure she won’t survive.

According to him, they had been discussing about their life when Tina Kaggia started crying. JB says that at this point she talked about her parents asking her to leave him, her jobless situation and the kids. Before getting into details she grabbed her pills and tried to take them but luckily he was there to stop her in time.

JB says that he can get footage from the restaurant if any proof is needed.

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