“Just stick to whoring in Intercontinental” Angry Kenyans tear into female rapper after she attacked Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe’s legion of followers was quick to defend her with zeal after a popular female rapper attacked her.

Attacking Huddah is a bad idea, Noti Flow learnt this the hard way when she launched unprovoked attack on the petite socialite.

The female rapper claimed Huddah Monroe was copying the way she dresses, she shared a photo of Huddah and her on Instagram as proof of her claim.

“These Bitches be copying my swag I wonder if I can copy some of theirs ? Ain’t nobody slays like #queennoti doe ??” Noti flow captioned the photo she shared online.

Huddah’s loyal fans didn’t spare Noti Flow, they tore her apart mercilessly. Below are some of the comments posted after Noti Flow attacked Huddah:

truth_for_truth: This is really stupid. Was the outfit designed for you? Dumb

sweetangel1940: Noti I won’t lie to u ,just stick to hoeing in inter continental and giving blow jobs to white men but never in ur dream think uko league moja na msee ka huddah ,butch the furthest you’ve gone in ur life is tz,I have the same shoes ur wearing bought them for 3k,shit ur mouth u have never worn any design label in ur life ,just shut and stick kwa lane yako ya kuvuta ma Bhangi

naomi_waigiI: totally disagree..huddas jacket is a desighner jacket..we can all see that..im not even gonna talk about the tee… and I ain hating

luluove: Really??? You can’t be serious.. Now eti Huddah amekucoppy.. Big joke. Pwahahahahaha

zillahkemuntoIs: this lady @notiflow very normal upstairs??????? Like for real why all this attention seeking?????

magy_njeri: ??ati @huddahthebosschick copied @notiflow ????joke of the year

munnsally3992: Huddah is known internationally not like u cheap hoe slut who things she is a musicians lol!! Ati benyonce got the same shoes like mine my dear to get such shoes u hv to save ur salary for one year biach!!!

Kokilyno: But @huddahthebosschick looks waaaaaaaay better than u

double_essvee: And let the war begin lol

magy_njeri: But huddah wore it better toa io synthetic kwa kichwa

magy_njeri: @huddahthebosschick come see this teenager oooh

olivia_trevors: Huddah wore it better.huddah all the way

k_aranja_: Your style?? Geeez enough people have exhausted this look before you even purchased any item from your outfit.. Don’t claim what can’t be owned… It’s fashion.. Everyone is doing it.. But seems you just discovered this now..well you are kinda late boo…

wayneclara: Copy this copy that., like if people don’t want to be “copied” Atleast come up with an original which ain’t in the market period.. I mean we can find these looks everywhere for fuxks sake

getrydiana: Queen Noti on Fleeeeek ? No one slays like you. And you are all natural. ??

sylviahmarshalls: Until we tell you that’s your invention….Seat down….be humble

gracehailey22: Ati Huddah sasa acopy noti ????????????..funniest shit I’ve seen plus Huddah looks amazing in errythang she has the skin n the body

marrielynecorale: Huddah rocked that outfit, seriously @notiflow how can you compare yourself to someone who ain’t in your league..kuonekana kwa episodes tatu ama sijui ngpy don’t think you are a star ?..be humbled and stop hating…@huddahthebosslady keep on slaying queen?

kelly_rockyz: Y’all don’t get it… She meant other people are copying her style, why shouldn’t she also copy… The thing was she has copied @huddahthebosschick style. That was what @notiflow meant

pesh_karay: Huddah all the way. Stop trying be on top even when you not. Huwezi fika class ya @huddahthebosschick. Wacha kuforce class stay in your lane and be patient utafika league hao…but Hio time watakua higher

lily_annka:@notiflow huddah might be old in the game but you beat her on this one ?????????

margiemignon: Look at you! ?? wewe mwenyewe you want to be rihanna so badly..

noni_karanja: Paaaaaaaaahaahahahahahahahaha

yung_octo: Wee nyonya mboro ya colonel Mustapha na utulize nyege

gee_prettyboss: hehehe cant stop laughing,,I like you @notiflow but tryina throw shade at the @huddahthebosschick suck

vennabosset: Viatu ratchet sana.. All over town? wig ….nay… Dont ever try to compare uaself with huddah aki.. Endelea na mtumba zako za beba na soo pole pole @huddahthebosschick onako huyu

stolen_princes: Honestly noty @notiflow you are ratchet, you don’t know class??? stick to your thing but cause it’s seems like deep down you wish to be huddah, yall know she the one who is king in this game @huddahthebosschick ,


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