Justina Syokau is right – Ben 10’s have nothing better to offer than hours of s*x

Justina Syokau is really putting in effort to grow her name in the industry and this makes me proud to see a determined artist putting in work unlike the others.

So far she has been news thanks to a new song dubbed Twendi Twendi Thilii which for someone reason left fans criticizing her for using the word panuliwa in a way that sounded a bit too controversial for a gospel song. But then again, with everybody’s head in the gutter – how would they understand her message?

Anyway apart from that, Justina Syokau has also been associated with clout chasing – which explains her allaged crush on singer Ringtone and the said Range she recently gifted herself….

Real talk?

Well call it another clout chasing stunt but Justina Syokau is back with a new tale on why she would rather stay single than get entangled with a broke Ben 10.

And according to Justina Syokau – these kind of men are only good for one thing and that is – sex. From what she says is that most of these men have perfected the art of bedding women that they now use it as a tactic to get rid of their stress…which us why she would never get involved with young men.

Speaking on this, Justina Syokau said;

Mwanaume akiwa na hela yuko complete. Mwanaume Ben-ten hana pesa hata awe na ndevu. Mimi siwezi weka mwanaume. Wanaume wenye hawana pesa wanakuanga kwa bedroom sana. Wanakutolea machungu za kutafuta kazi zenye hawajapata.

But again, looking at how Zari Hassan has been missing in action of late – i can agree that the loving she is getting from her young man is pushing her into a comfort zone….something Justina Syokau is pretty much afraid of.

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