Kabi Wa Jesus Opens Up About Past Toxic Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend

YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus recently shared his struggles with a past relationship. In a candid interview, he spoke about dating a woman who constantly put him down.

In a recent interview with online media, Kabi revealed that his ex-girlfriend frequently compared him to wealthier ex-partners, particularly one who owned a car. These comparisons, often delivered with petty remarks like “My ex used to do this,” were meant to intimidate him.

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One specific example involved his ex complaining about taking matatus (shared taxis) with him, contrasting it with her past experiences of being driven everywhere.

Kabi admitted that these comments were hurtful, especially considering his limited resources at the time. However, looking back, he finds some gratitude in these experiences. He believes they helped shape him into the person he is today.

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The interview also highlighted his appreciation for his current wife, Milly Wa Jesus. He credits her with supporting his growth and building a successful life together. The couple now runs several businesses and boasts a popular YouTube channel documenting their daily lives.

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