Kabi WaJesus Calls The Murayas Clout Chasers

Popular Kenyan YouTubers Kabi WaJesus and Size 8 have been involved in a public feud after Kabi accused The Murayas of being clout chasers.

The feud began after Kabi and Size 8 had dinner at singer Betty Bayo’s house. During the dinner, the two couples disagreed about something, and Kabi later insinuated that Size 8 and DJ Moh pretended to have disagreed while “advertising their mjengo” (construction project).

Size 8 was not happy with Kabi’s comments, and she accused him of slandering her. She said that as a gospel artiste, she has never clout chased.

“The problem I have with Kiki is that Kiki is backed on lies, and the father of lies is the devil,” said Size 8.

Kabi then responded by saying that Size 8 has a history of posting “kiki” (gossip) on her social media pages. He said that she sometimes leaves the group chat that she has with other celebrities and goes to the construction site to post “kiki” there.

The feud between Kabi WaJesus and The Murayas is just the latest in a series of public scandals involving Kenyan celebrities. In recent months, there have been several cases of celebrities being accused of infidelity, drug use, and other misdeeds. This has led to a growing public outcry about the lack of accountability among Kenyan celebrities.

It remains to be seen how the feud between Kabi WaJesus and The Murayas will be resolved. However, it is clear that this is just one example of the many challenges that Kenyan celebrities face in the age of social media.

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