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Kajala Finally Responds To Harmonize After Several Attempts To Win Her Back

May 12, 2022 at 11:43
Kajala Finally Responds To Harmonize After Several Attempts To Win Her Back

Tanzanian actress & businesswoman Kajala has now responded to Konde Boy after he bought her sumptuous gifts in effort to win her love back. Harmonize took his apology a notch higher after splashing millions to purchase a brand new Range Rover to woo Kajala; but all the efforts ended in a cul de sac.

Harmonize received numerous denigratory statements from some fans who believed simping was not the coolest way to go. But Harmonize did it anyway. He wasn’t stopping at any point. On the other hand, Kajala remained oblivious to the plea for quite a while. She was not interested in any of the material gifts offered to her, neither was she interested in the detailed apologies by Harmonize.

Still, Kajala is not interested in the musician.

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Kajala Responds

In a series of posts by her, she indirectly talked about how people who exited your life will always try to comeback to test you or even try to mess up your life more.

Kajala’s statement was interpreted as a direct jibe at Harmonize who has been begging the actress to take him back.

“Don’t be someone’s sometimes.

“First, know your worth, second control your emotions. Third Never settle.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…You can’t change everyone. just move on… Don’t let nobody play with you, even if you love them.

“It’s very easy to find A new one. But it’s hard to find A True one,”

From Kajala’s statements, it’s needless to say she’s not going back to Harmonize. It’s high time the singer gets another partner.



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