Kalenjin Hip hop super star Msupa S pregnant, flaunts grown baby bump (Photo)

Rapper Msupa S is eating life with a big spoon in the United States where she has relocated to about a year ago.

Msupa S before and After

From her posts, we can tell that Msupa S is doing just fine and the weather also seems to love her as she appears to be glowing. The good life.

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Well apart from that, looks like she also bagged herself a man who is responsible for her pregnancy. As seen on her social media pages, Msupa S shared a photo taken back in August; meaning the bump is bigger in reality than it appears on the photo shared.

Pregnant Msupa S

Baby on board

From the stories shared online, many believe that this could be Msupa S’ first born since she never talked about having any kids before.

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We also understand that the photo shared above was taken back in August; meaning baby bump could be even bigger or the baby already arrived and Msupa S is taking her time before announcing.

Tbt: Msupa S

Anyway, as for those who mocked and poked fun at Msupa S’ music; well guess who finally has the last laugh?

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