Kama mbaya, mbaya! Willy Paul pulls out knives, sends strong warning (Video)

Controversial singer Willy Paul who quit making gospel music about a year ago is pretty mad at Mcsk Officials. This is after an audit report confirmed that there has been theft of artist’s royalties; yet most artists continue living in poverty despite their hard work.

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As seen on a video shared on his Instagram page, Willy Paul did not hold back while bashing the old officials for their greed.

TBT: Willy Paul

According to Pozee it is indeed sad that the government would let such things happen right under their noses; after promising to work for the youths! Pozee who appears quite angered and irritated after the audit report went on to write;

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It’s so sad that the government has failed to help the artists! Yaani tunaibiwa tu na hawa wazeee MCSKK and the rest!

We don’t work for you

Well, I guess it is no secret that most artists in the country have been putting in effort; but those who remain benefitting are the MCSKK officials. However this does not come as a surprise since Kenya has been ranked among the top corrupt countries in Africa.

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While the youths continue putting in effort to better their futures; the old leaders in the government end up benefiting instead. Just to prove how angry he was Pozee is seen holding two knives in his hand; as he goes on to threaten the greedy officials as he seems to have had enough!

We don’t work for you!! Some of us came from nothing like me and here you are, feeding your balls and ovaries with our money!!! Please if you see me, piga corner!!! We demand an explanation, not only that… plus all the money you’ve stolen ama mtajua hamjui!



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