“kama ni self esteem issues, please am open to talk to you” Octopizzo writes an open letter to Khaligraph Jones following bleaching rumors…Now this is interesting!

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Many have been talking about Khaligraph Jones since we all confirmed that he is indeed bleaching his face.

Kenyans on social media have even created memes trolling the fella for failing them and the self proclaimed king of Rap Octopizzo has also joined in as he wrote an open letter dedicated to Khaligraph Jones.

This comes as a surprise to many as the two have always had bad blood and of course Octopizzo could not let this opportunity pass without sharing his comments.

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Through his Instagram page Octopizzo wrote expressing his shock moments after learning that Khaligraph Jones was now trying to lighten his skin. He goes on to add that he is willing to talk to the rapper in case he has self esteem issues. As expected he took a few jabs at the rapper which was expected from the beginning.

Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe Rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoa mwenyewe ????
Ok this is not even funny am in shock!!,kama ni ukweli hizi risto naskia ati unajipaka aloevera then congratulations coz you just played yourself; Na Kama umecatch feelings katoe diss track coz matime we ukua na kiherehere sana. But as my brother in hiphop kama ni self esteem issues please am open to talk to you as a peer coz sometimes the society can be harsh & am saying this coz #iCare and you are a friend. So look for me when am back in the country. #Blacklivesmatter #beProud #beBlack #dontquit #8. But Kama umejitoa rangi ju ya hype then wee ni bure kabisa #PullUp #GangGang.

Octo’s post

Will this end well really or should we expect a diss track? Anyway let us wait and see.


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