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Kambua Opens Up On Losing Her Baby, Sympathizes With Women Who Have Undergone Miscarriage

May 13, 2022 at 12:13
Kambua Opens Up On Losing Her Baby, Sympathizes With Women Who Have Undergone Miscarriage

Kenyan gospel musician and celebrated TV host Kambua has shared in sombre mood the loss of her first born; and what mother’s day really meant to her this year. The ex-Citizen TV host is among the numerous women who have felt the pain of losing a baby; and she has shared her encouragement with women who have undergone the same.

The mother of one, through her Instagram, has shared her heart-touching story of how she was left in jeorpady and filled with tears after the loss of her baby.

I’ve been thinking back on Mother’s Day and what it meant to me this year. 

I never expected the avalanche of emotions that came with it. I mean, I’m so thankful for the miraculous journey I’ve been on, but my heart is also fully aware of the moments that have caused havoc and left me completely undone. It’s bittersweet; having a baby in your arms, and having another in heaven. I cried. Many, many, tears. I felt a little like I was suffocating, but still alive with my heart beating ever so strong.”

She continued with an encouragement message;

”To any woman who has had the unfortunate experience of knowing what it feels like to go through loss- whether a miscarriage, a still birth, infant loss…

To any woman who has watched the years go by, seeing motherhood being celebrated while she still stands with empty hands and dusty cradles…

To any woman who has longed for more than one baby and it just doesn’t seem to be happening…”

Kambua is among the few celebrities who have come out to express their pain of losing their baby. Others include Milly Chebby(Terence Creative’s wife), Nadia Mukami, Size 8, Nana Owiti(King Kaka’s wife).


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