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Kamene and Jalas got it wrong: It’s time we aggressively push for polygamy

January 19, 2022 at 11:55
Kamene and Jalas got it wrong: It's time we aggressively push for polygamy

Kamene Goro and her co-presenter, Jalang’o aka Jalas today had a very interesting conversation about a woman whose remains was found wrapped up in a gunny bag (gunia) with the words “bwana ya mtu ni sumu” scribbled all over her body and their conclusion was that women should avoid married men.

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This is a myopic take on what this is about that comes dangerously close to excusing and trying to normalise criminal behaviour. A wayward spouse doesn’t deserve to be killed any more than their partner does. And I wouldn’t expect any better from the Kiss Breakfast A-seat because she has previously shown a penchant for cognitive dissonance. She is the same woman who will be barking in the studio about femicide on any other day and still champion this nonsense and not realise the contradiction.

What Kamene and Jalas have to realise is that the route of the problem we are currently discussing is the fact that for far too long, Africans have been actively and energetically advised to ignore their culture and heritage in preference of Western madness that not only fails here but in the west too. Polygamy is the example I am going to tackle today.

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It is actually deeply ingrained in human nature. That is why women flock a man who has a ring on his finger and we have a term for that, “pre-selection“. Social sciences have studied this phenomenon and it is what accounts for the popularity men seem to gain once they finally exit the dating market.

Add to this the fact that there are simply far more women that men and you understand why this is a thing. It really is simple math. If there are 7 women for every 1 man deemed viable for marriage, then why wouldn’t the 7 women want to share this one man? And often they do when the man is of high value.

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Kamene and Jalas should stop trying to muzzle human nature and actively push for polygamy because it also solves another issue; ensuring no child grows up a bastard. More often than not, the men who walk away from their children do so because of one of two reasons: either they were baby trapped (my body my choice, my time and resources my choice) or they impregnated their mistress and the wife raised a stink so they opted for the cowards way out and abandoned their baby.

Were we to champion for polygamy, then this becomes a non-issue but you have to have been open and upfront about your decision as a man to pursue a polygamous family from the onset. That seems like a harder sell until you realise the alternative is what they did where they essentially argued that mistresses and bpoytoys should willingly accept the possibility they could be murdered. If you know anything about the law then you know this is a far more crazy alternative.

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And what if the woman decides she too wants in on the action and wants a polyandrous relationship? Then by all means, let her seek men who would willingly share her. Let her be honest right from the jump and tell the men who will eventually become her husbands that they are signing on for polyandry.

As I said, did you know that this is something that is deeply ingrained in your genetic coding? And proof of this is the fact that 8000 to 4000 years ago, “across the globe, for every 17 women who were reproducing, passing on genes that are still around today—only one man did the same“.

These two graphs show the number of men (left) and women (right) who reproduced throughout human history. (Chart: Monika Karmin et al./Genome Research)

These two graphs show the number of men (left) and women (right) who reproduced throughout human history. (Chart: Monika Karmin et al./Genome Research)

So incase you want to argue that polygamy is not the nature of men, kindly, as my mentor says, go and argue with your mother. But somehow I am not holding my breath that you will ever see polygamy become openly celebrated because we as a society prefer rewarding scumbags who sneak around.

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