Kamene Disappointed With Her Husband After Claiming He Can’t Fight Over Her

In a recent episode of their podcast, Kamene Goro and Obinna were joined by Kamene’s husband, DJ Bonez. During the conversation, Bonez made a surprising revelation about his views on fighting.

Bonez said that he would not fight for a woman, even if she was his wife. He explained that he respects himself and does not believe that it is necessary to engage in physical violence in order to protect someone.

Bonez’s comments seemed to catch Kamene off guard, and she expressed her disappointment. She said that she was “distressed” by Bonez’s words and that she thought they should end the podcast.

Bonez tried to clarify his position, saying that he would still protect Kamene, but that he would not do so by fighting. He said that he would rather use his words or his intelligence to de-escalate a situation.

This statements seemed to have caught Kamene off guard, and her disappointment was evident in both her expression and her response.

“Now after we get married is when you are telling me you can’t fight for me? You can’t fight for me? I’m a bit distressed, I think we need to stop this shoot!” Kamene said.

Challenging her husband’s stance, Kamene questioned whether he truly loved her. She asked if he would not fight for her, even if another man made inappropriate physical contact with her.

Kamene’s reaction to Bonez’s comments has sparked a debate online. Some people have expressed support for Bonez, saying that it is refreshing to see a man who is not afraid to stand up for his principles. Others have criticized Bonez, saying that he is not being a good husband by refusing to fight for his wife.


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