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Kamene Goro And Jalang’o Celebrate 1st Anniversary Working Together At Kiss FM

July 13, 2021 at 12:42
Kamene Goro And Jalang'o Celebrate 1st Anniversary Working Together At Kiss FM

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o are without a doubt radio’s biggest duo. You have definitely seen their numerous conspicuous poses in studio; which they have enjoyed for a year now. After Jalas moved from Milele FM, most believed that there wouldn’t be any chemistry between Kamene and himself. They however, blended in fast, and their morning show has grown more and more.

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They are now celebrating one year today, July 13th, since they first went on air together.

While hosting the show today, Kamene thanked Jalang’o for making her build her career further.

”If there’s someone I owe this one year of growth for me to be where I’m at today; to level up my life the way I’ve levelled it up, it has to be you my brother.”

Jalang’o reciprocated Kamene’s appreciation by saying;

”Thank you so much for holding my hands throughout this when everyone doubted the fact that we could work together…”

Kamene proceeded to her Instagram to reiterate the same;

”It’s our anniversary!! 1 epic year of breaking barriers and achieving dreams with my darling brother @jalangoo
Too many were ready for us fail, but even more supported and pushed us to that Number 1 spot! Nobody was going to stop us!
Nakupenda sana bro, to many more years! To more success! To killing it!!!!
Na Bado!!

This definitely calls for a celebration; and both Kamene and Jalas  being party animals, it’s definitely going down today.


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