Kamene Goro Back Home Following A Successful Knee Surgery

Media personality Kamene Goro is on the road to recovery after successfully undergoing knee surgery and returning home from the hospital. Taking to her Instagram stories, Kamene expressed gratitude and shared insights from her experience.

“Finally discharged to embark on the hardest part of my recovery. God is good,” she wrote, acknowledging the challenges ahead.

She also reflected on the lessons learned, stating, “This journey really taught me a lot about my support system. And I’m honestly so happy to learn all I’m learning in this particularly tough phase of this year.”

The Road to Surgery

On January 24th, Kamene went under the knife at Karen Hospital to address a torn meniscus, a crucial cartilage pad in the knee. Prior to surgery, she documented her journey on Instagram Stories, expressing concerns about anesthesia and the anticipated recovery process.

“I am a little bit anxious about the whole anaesthesia thing,” she admitted, further adding, “I think for me the recovery is usually harder than the surgery.”

Previous Knee Issues

This surgery wasn’t Kamene’s first encounter with knee complications. In August 2023, she revealed plans for a knee implant due to past injuries, emphasizing that her weight wasn’t a contributing factor.

With the surgery behind her, Kamene now faces the challenging yet rewarding period of rehabilitation. Her heartfelt updates and optimistic outlook demonstrate her determination to overcome this hurdle and embrace the lessons learned.

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