Kamene Goro engaged!

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Ever heard the same tale over and over and over that you no longer believe anything because one thing about kenyan celebrities is clout chasing using marriages, engagements, breakups, depression etc?

Kamene Goro

I mean look at Willy Paul and Jovial who were pulling stunts on social media the other day to a point we all thought Pozee was obsessed with forcing himself on women who dont want him….and that is after Jovial turned down his proposal to date her. For a minute….just a minute, the whole stunt started to look real and before we digest it…a song…they dropped a song! Yes a song….after all that hype. The nerve.

Anyway unfortunately they are not the only ones pulling stunts online. You see, Kamene Goro has been sharing photos flaunting different rings on her page for months…a stunt that gave many a reason to assume she got engaged. I mean everytime shed be like (new photo) with “a guess what” caption and we all fell for it.

Jokes aside

However speaking on Kiss FM,the lass now says her boyfriend DJ Bonez proposed meaning she will finally get to walk down the aisle as soon as her man and his family are done with the introductions.

I’m not married just yet, probably by now next year I will be married. The good news is I got engaged.

Of course this is a big deal to Kamene Goro who will be walking down the aisle for the first time following her failed wedding in 2017 – where the groom stood her up.

However this time around, looks like Kamene Goro will finally earn the title, Mrs.

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