Kamene Goro explains why she ended friendship with Andrew Kibe

For a very long time many thought Kamene Goro had a thing with Kibe but unfortunately it turned out that these two are just friends and nothing more.

One would have however thought they’re a bit too friendly with each other  – and I’m guessing we saw this during the NRG times when they couldn’t stay away from each other.

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Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

Moving to Kiss FM unfortunately ruined the whole ‘best buddies – happy colleague’ duo especially after Kibe was let go. Since then, the two friends slowly started distancing from each other and the last time we checked – Andrew was busy attacking Kamene on social media.

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Kamene on friendship with Andrew Kibe

With their friendship dead for about a year or so – Kamene Goro recently held a candid interview with Dr Ofweneke where she opened up about her relationship with Kibe.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

According to Kamene, she decided to cut off Kibe after realizing that the fella wouldn’t respect her or their friendship. And having heard some of the nasty things he says about her on his pod cast – there’s no way their friendship wouldn’t go back to being the same.

Speaking about her reasons for cutting off Kibe, Kamene Goro insisted that he is a toxic man with no boundaries.

I don’t miss Kibe. Recently, I tried to maintain our friendship after we stopped working together but he just became really toxic of late.


He has been out of the country and I have no idea what is going on. When he started attacking me and dragging my name into his mess. I was like, yoh! I am just here minding my business.

And just like that, the two old buddies no longer see eye to eye!


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