Kamene Goro has surgery on her knee.

Image: Kamene Goro flaunting ring

Prominent media personality Kamene Goro is currently in the recovery phase at the Karen Hospital in Nairobi after successfully undergoing knee surgery to address a torn meniscus.

Before the procedure, the dynamic presenter shared insights into her pre-surgery feelings with fans through Instagram Stories. Kamene candidly explained the nature of the surgery, which aims to either remove or repair the cartilage in the knee.

The surgical process involves a few small incisions and typically lasts about an hour. The recovery period spans a few weeks, during which patients experience reduced pain, improved mobility, and enhanced stability, enabling them to resume their normal activities.

Expressing a mix of nerves and optimism, Kamene admitted feeling some anxiety about the anesthesia but remained confident about a swift recovery. Humorously, she shared, “I usually find the recovery harder than the surgery itself.”

Following the surgery, Kamene provided another update, this time accompanied by her husband, DJ Bonez, who stood by her side.

“I usually find the recovery harder than the surgery itself,” she shared with a laugh.

Despite the postoperative discomfort, she thanked her followers for their well wishes and assured them that she would keep them informed about her progress.

Hours after the surgery on January 25, Kamene took to her Insta stories to share her immediate postoperative experience, saying, “After the epidural wore off, aki the pain I’m in. I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight. Jesus take the wheel.”

The advantages of knee meniscus surgery include improving mobility, enhancing knee stability, and preventing or slowing the development of arthritis. Kamene’s recovery plan indicates a return to normal activities within six to eight weeks, with recommendations for low-impact activities during the recovery period.

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