Kamene Goro is a source of humiliation for her husband, DJ Bonez

Image: Kamene Goro

After DJ Bonez disclosed that he is having trouble quitting smoking, Kamene Goro’s smoking habit drew conflicting responses from Kenyan men on social media.

Bonez said the following on the Kamene and Obinna YouTube channel:

“To be honest, this is a struggle I am fighting, I also don’t like women who smoke cigarette.”

Kamene had this to say in rebuttal:

“Everyone has their bad habits, there are people who don’t bathe, there are those who won’t cut their hair… you know even I have my bad habits. The thing is, let’s control those behaviors to be good citizens. If you are an alcoholic, you don’t drink until you forget yourself. if you are a smoker and you are around people who don’t like it, don’t smoke around them. Bonez will suffer a lot from my habit of smoking, I can’t lie, I always smoke. But to be honest I’ve cut back a lot since we got together. These days, that is, I’m probably stressed, you’ve made me angry or we’re having a party. Even here in the house it is very difficult.”

The comments were very telling as a lot of Kenyans, both men and women, called into question DJ Bonez’ masculinity:

Kathini: Yaani wewe upende msichana you court until you reach a point and say I want to marry this one vile yuko tosha, you marry her then say outside ati her smoking cigarettes inakubore gooosh kama unapenda wenye hawatumii ni wengi wazuri tena huyu msee hayuko seriousNow he’s guilt tripping her maybe she’s not even willing Ata kureduce hiyo amesema anyway choose people who chose you wholly always ????

P139: A married woman telling us she smokes and the husbands admit fighting with that habit in public…if tomorrow she is asked..utaskia akijam

NebulazzKenya: Hata mimi sipendi dame anasmoke sigara….weed ni sawa

Chapman: You know what DJ deal with it you knew she was smoking before and you accepted it.just deal with it

B98: ????????????I don’t see anything wrong with him saying that. People cannot be perfect and he just said one thing he doesn’t like about her. They are working on it ????????‍♀️. Si ata wewe bado umekaa na huyo chali yako mwenye anacheat ukihope atachange????

MwandaJ: But am happy she is willing to meet her partner halfway… #marriagewillwork..

WhineyK: So he realized she smokes on their wedding night? My physics teacher said Cause = Effect. In short, deal with your choice bro????

Fahsioiconsta: Literally, everyone in the world has red flags. Maybe these are the types he enjoys/ can withstand. Nyinyi shughulikieni kuolewa kwanza muache kupeana unsolicited advise

Wakihiu42: Its not as if she kept the fact that she smokes from him,he knew it n even proposed and went ahead to exchange vows with her.He should take a chill pill and appreciate her positive attributes and its wrong of him to guilt trip her on social media.Am sure he too has something she doesn’t like about him but she’s protecting him like a wife is supposed to do.

Fitzphel: ulimpata akichoma fegi. Alafu sasa unateta? sasa ukipata wakuzoza kaveve na kilipua kerea

Wirgin: This is what we call…..mwiba wa kujidunga

Craig: Mnadate adi wa sigara Si heri adi wa ngwai????????

Kanten: Kukula omena imepikwa na omo, kuvuta sigara, weeuh our boy is suffering????????????

Jmaxwell: U saw the red flag baby ,but u Ignored the red flags ….

Trendingteen: Dj to mbogi “She’s smoking hot” ????????. Kamene Goro took it seriously ????????????????

Drilldigest: Unfortunately he is the wife in the relationship????????????

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