Kamene Goro lied to her fans, she knows being fat is not right

Kamene Goro has embarked on her weight loss journey and we are happy to witness it. This is a great thing for the radio personality and we are happy for her. She is finally taking her health and image seriously.

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Perhaps she is being spurred on by the fact she has a new man and she wants to look great for him. Or perhaps she knows her DJ boyfriend gets a lot of female attention and that competition anxiety that has resulted from that knowledge is being harnessed positively.

Kamene Goro with ex-husband

Whatever her reasons, we are just happy to witness the transformation but we do have to call her out for lying to her fans for a number of years, perpetuating the beautiful at all sizes myth. That’s right people, Kamene Goro lied to you.

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Her long-held belief that she was being body positive or whatever malarky she has been meditating on is not something she viscerally believes or holds as her own personal truth. And she shouldn’t because the truth is, obesity isn’t attractive and beauty actually serves a great purpose for not just individuals but the human race.

Kamene Goro won the genetic lottery in as far as body composition goes. She lacks any fat adiposity on her face. Regardless of how big she was when she was at her fattest, the weight never showed itself on her face.

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And this is something that made her remain attractive to Kenyan men (who by the way are known for having low beauty standards). But the reason for this as I said earlier is because she was able to cheat the code thanks to her amazing genetics.

Kamene Goro opens up about her body size

Beauty is actually a biological marker for fertility, youth, health and great genes. When men look at women and deem them beautiful it is often with the underlying incentive to mate. So she managed to cheat the system thanks to her genes. She was obese but when you looked at her face alone, you couldn’t really tell.

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And that person, Kamene Goro who has been given the blessing of such above-par genetics is busy lying to your sister and telling her to stay fat? Yet we both know your sister wears her weight poorly and is puffy-faced?! And as if that weren’t bad enough, the hypocrisy in it all is the fact that she is now actively working to get her weight under control.

Curvy babe, Kamene Goro

She literally sold a fake bill of goods that she herself doesn’t find value in because her actions now show she truly does understand that being body positive means taking care of your body by exercising.

Man, I don’t want to be the type of person who takes advice from celebrities like Kamene Goro!

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