Kamene Goro: Next chapter can be exciting

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Kamene Goro has served her last day as a presenter on Kiss100. What comes next for her? Which roads are open to her for her to take? Let’s take a quick Gander at the crossroads she currently finds herself at.

DJ Bonez Should Trust His Instincts On Kamene Goro

For starters there’s the obvious option of her searching out another job with another radio station. Safest option even though it would probably come with a pay cut but she’s already a brand Who boasts an Instagram following of 1.3 m and any radio station would be eager to take advantage of her assumed audience.

Kamene Goro

Another option Kamene Goro could look into that would also be a no-brainer would be podcasting. She could very easily transition from being on radio, buy some equipment and create a space for her to interact with her fans directly without any censorship or oversight.

Why Kamene Goro is excited about Amber Ray’s happily ever after

If she was slimmer I would even argue she could go the onlyfans route. Celebrities have made it such that it’s no longer are stigmatized as it used to be and they have shown that there is a Hunger for such content given that she’s a celebrity she wouldn’t even have to go the full nine yards with regard to nudity. But this is heavily dependent upon how morality and personal ethos.

Kamene Goro with her fiance, DJ Bonez

Another option she has that not many people are aware of is going into her family business. A very wealthy family with a very lucrative business which I am sure would be willing to accommodate and absorb her. Kamene Goro could always fall back on this option and I think she knows it’s a safety net and that would explain why one of the complaints raised by the management at Radio Africa is that she was a truant at work.

Kamene Goro needs to start planning for kids

The final option I can see open to her would be for her to go there out. Dating her fiance DJ Bones, for two years now and seeing as she is 30 years old and overweight this raises the question of geriatric pregnancy. I am not pretending to be a gynaecologist but this fertility issue is one that is common Sense and information on it is easily available. How many goals should probably begin to look into going the family right if that is truly something her heart is set on becoming; a wife and mother in that order.

Kamene Goro showing off

It said that when one door closes another opens so she shouldn’t be too down on herself because even though it’s humiliating the manner in which kISS 100 hours conducted itself with regards to publicizing her situation with the company, she still has options open to her all of which will take dedication and hard work but given the level of her cloud she could probably hit the ground running and make her doubt is in the company regret letting her go.

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