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Kamene Goro is not ready for a relationship, she’s just lonely

March 02, 2021 at 08:54
Kamene Goro is not ready for a relationship, she's just lonely

Kamene Goro announced to the world that she is finally ready for aa committed and “controlling” relationship. This was done to much fanfare from her co-host, Jalang’o who had hitherto celebrated her relationship with Joe W. Muchiri the former Capital FM producer and social commentator.

But I would argue that Kamene Goro isn’t actually ready for any relationship, she is simply lonely and has realized that time is not on her side. You see, while she has an amazingly beautiful face, she is morbidly obese. And this in and of itself complicates the process of conception, gestation and childbirth.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro wants a serious relationship

Add to that her advanced age and you get where I am getting to. So what options does she have available to her? For starters, she has begun to vocalize her availability for a serious relationship. Hopefully, there is someone within her social circles that she has her eyes set on but even then, I doubt this will work.

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You see, Kamene Goro has a failed marriage under her belt. That means that she knows how to have a failed relationship but not how to have a sustained one. Proof of the fact is that after her marriage ended, she went on to sully the name of her former husband, telling everyone willing to give her an ear how and why the relationship ended.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro opened up about her body size in the past

Beyond that, she has not once mentioned the fact that she has been undergoing therapy for the scars that marriage left her with. And more proof of the fact, besides the fact that it is unusual for a woman like Kamene Goro who speaks about everything to be silent about this, there is also the fact that whenever she discusses her failed marriage, not once has she held herself accountable and taken responsibility for the outcome.

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So I would ask any of my friends who are willing to try their luck and date her to steer clear. There is no need for them to take on the task of dating a damaged woman only to end up damaging themselves.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro showing off her body in a pool, taking advantage of the refraction of light

Even how she described the type of relationship she believes to be balanced was very telling. Clearly one of her friends is in a sustainable relationship that seems to be heading towards the altar but Kamene Goro cannot be trusted to interpreter what she is witnessing in a healthy manner. That is why she is describing bondage -things like having too much freedom and it being a detriment to her so she needs a prison warden partner to check her.

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So what’s to be done? Well, As I already stated above, she needs to first start going for therapy. She needs to view taking care of her mental health the same way she would servicing her car or a Swiss watch. Then she needs to sit down with one of her aunties who has been happily married for thirty years or more to find out how to be a Fit, Beautiful and Inspirational woman.

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