Kamene Goro On How She Handles Men Hitting On Her Husband

In their debut episode of the podcast, Kamene Goro shared an intriguing revelation about her husband, DJ Bonez. She shed light on the attention he receives from other men and how she handles it.

Kamene expressed that times have changed, and women no longer pose a significant threat to relationships as they did in the past. She reflected on her own experiences, admitting to witnessing men hitting on her husband while she was present.

“When I started dating Bonez, a lot of guys used to hit on him. Many men were interested in Bonez. There was even one who came up to me in Mombasa and said, ‘Wow, DJ Bonez is so cute.'”

“I immediately responded, asking him,

‘What do you want? Do you want us to fight? Why are you telling me he’s cute?’ I’m right here, a woman from Nairobi. Don’t you think I’m aware of his attractiveness?” Kamene recalled.

Kamene went on to say that she is not bothered by the attention her husband receives from other men. She trusts him and knows that he is faithful to her. She also believes that it is a compliment that other men find her husband attractive.

“I’m not bothered by the attention he gets from other men. I trust him and know that he is faithful to me. I also believe that it is a compliment that other men find him attractive,” Kamene said.

Kamene’s revelation has sparked a debate on social media. Some people have praised her for her confidence and her ability to handle the situation with humor. Others have criticized her for being too open about her husband’s interactions with other men.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how they would handle a similar situation. Some people may be more bothered by the attention their partner receives from other people, while others may be more confident and secure in their relationship.

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