Kamene Goro opens up on her sexuality & whether or not she wants kids

Kiss FM’s Kamane Goro has lately been opening up about her private life like never before and I guess this is only because – to keep in touch with her friends, she needs to keep updating them every now and then.

Well thanks to her latest QnA, I bet by now we are aware of her sexual preference which is straight. According to the Kiss FM radio presenter – unlike other known radio presenters who are rumored to be bi-sexual, the lady insists she loves her men.

Kamene opened up on her sexuality responding to a fan inquiring on whether or not she swings both ways….i mean with todays generation and the freedom we have – seems like the LGBTQ community is slowly getting accepted in the community so i bet there was no harm in asking whether she likes men or women. Right?

Children and School fees

On the same same QnA Kamene Goro also got to talk about having kids and her biggest fear is not having to get one at an old age; but fear of painful labor and how expensive school fees is.

Responding to a QnA to a fan who wrote asking…

You don’t like kids

Kamene responded by saying:

Fiction! I love kids!!!! Its the giving birth and school fees part.

Well…..considering she went to Rusinga International school – I bet she has no plans of giving her future kids anything less than what she got from her parents.

So yea Рin a way Kamene Goro has every right  to fear bringing a child into this world.

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