Kamene Goro Refuses To Reunite With Andrew Kibe On Radio

Kamene Goro has responded to inquisitive fans who requested her to re-unite with YouTuber Andrew Kibe to radio. Through her YouTube channel, Kamene shared with fans a throwback video when she and Kibe hang out after work doing Q&A’s about the craziest things about their life.

The video roped in reactions of netizens; who are still pleading with Kamene to go back to radio with Kibe.

However, Kamene is not yet ready to interact with Andrew Kibe. As a matter of fact, she blocked Andrew Kibe on social media; something which Kibe has complained dearly about.

Kamene and Kibe worked at Kiss FM for several months before Kibe exited the station. Kamene claims that she is nowadays disenchated with Kibe’s current work;

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, it’s just that having other co-hosts I realized it wasn’t healthy, Kibe was my friend and I think he expected that when he went I would leave with him.

I don’t understand why he does what he does nowadays, I just don’t understand and what he does is extremely distasteful but acheze kama yeye.”

Kamene left Kiss FM after three years and hosted her last show on January 27, 2023; with fans speculating that she was fired.

Kamene made it clear that her fallout with Kibe was prompted by his act of dragging her name for YouTube views.


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