Kamene Goro refutes involvement in any accident, affirming that she is alive and well.

Radio presenter Kamene Goro has dismissed rumors suggesting that she was involved in an accident. Taking to her social media platforms, she reassured her fans of her well-being and stated that legal action would be taken against anyone spreading false information. She expressed her eagerness to reconnect with her audience on air.


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Kamene is among several celebrities who have fallen victim to unfounded rumors. Just recently, former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena had to address rumors claiming she was battling cancer. Kanze shared her gratitude for the blessings in her life and expressed her trust in God’s protection.


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She declared her intention to live a long and fulfilling life, attributing her faith as her source of strength. Kanze concluded with a powerful affirmation of her belief in God’s protection against any harm or negativity directed towards her.

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