Kamene Goro Reveals Biggest Turn-Off In Men That Can Lead To Break-Up (Screenshot)

There’s always one or two things that can be a deal-breaker when it comes to having relationships. It’s either you learn to love with it, or walk away if it’s too heavy to bear. The fact that there’s no perfect partner compels most people to try and bear with their partners.

Kiss FM’s radio presenter Kamene Goro has shared her sentiments on what’s her biggest turn-off  that she can not tolerate while in a relationship. The curvy media personality Kamene Goro recently revealed she’s already engaged- and she’s never tardy to flaunt her engagement ring.

Kamene even shoved men off citing that she’s already taken. Kamene said that she has been dating for quite some time and urged men to stop disturbing her.

“I’m dating, this is my engagement ring. I don’t why people think I’m still single yet I have been dating since January!

She had been keeping her relationship under wraps for a while, but she’s reportedly dating a local deejay identified as Deejay Bonezz.

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Kamene’s Turn Off

What we’re well aware of is Kamene has undergone a heartbreak that immensely bruised her during her early 20’s. And this is her main reason of keeping her relationships surreptitious. She doesn’t want to take chances again. But she has shared what turns her off in men via her Instagram. Check the screenshots below;

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