Kamene Goro reveals her thirst led her to pursue her husband

Media personality Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez have shared the story of their relationship, from their initial meeting to their eventual marriage.

In a recent interview on their YouTube channel, the couple revealed that they first met in 2016, shortly after Kamene’s return from Tanzania.

At the time, Bonez had a preconceived notion of Kamene, associating her with controversial radio personality Andrew Kibe. He admitted that he used to view her as “ratchet.”

However, his opinion of her gradually changed over time. A turning point came when Bonez stumbled upon a ratchet video of Kamene that was being shared in a WhatsApp group he was an admin of.

Despite the temptation, Bonez decided against posting the video, showcasing a moment of respect.

Kamene, on the other hand, was immediately drawn to Bonez. She revealed that she was the one who initially pursued him, despite him being unsure about starting a romantic relationship.

She revealed her determination by regularly journeying to Mombasa, sometimes even opting for long road trips and surprising him on his birthdays.

Despite her efforts, Bonez insisted on leaving the outcome to a higher power, believing that God would decide their fate.

“I used to drive all the way to Mombasa every weekend, even by road and sometimes I take private flights to go see him. Sometimes I also surprised him for his birthday but still he said God would decide who we were.”

DJ Bones smiled as he acknowledged that Kamene was persistent in her pursuit of his love and affection.

Eventually, Bonez’s heart melted, and the couple began dating. They were married in April 2023, and they are now happily living together.

In the interview, the couple also spoke about the positive influence they have had on each other’s lives. Kamene revealed that Bonez has helped her develop financial discipline, while Bonez said that Kamene has helped him to be more open-minded.

They are both grateful for the love and support they have found in each other, and they look forward to spending many more years together.

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