Kamene Goro reveals why she broke up with boyfriend over her Mercedes Benz

Image: Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro once revealed her body count is 27 but that was back in 2019 and were 2022…so I’m thinking….maybe the count has gone up or naaaat but yolo is the motto in these streets.

Kamene Goro

Anyway with that said the Kiss FM presenter is said to be engaged and will soon walk down the aisle with the love of her life. However this must have been one hard decision to make especially after how her ex fiancé (the South African) did her dirty by disappearing on their wedding day.

But then again, life has to go on right? Why hold on to the past when there’s room for new experiences.

Well after the 2017 failed engagement Kamene Goro soon started to date and in 2020 she bagged herself a man she thought was perfect and wanted something serious with her. However turns out this guy was interested in what her lifestyle can do for him.

Kiss FMs Kamene Goro

There is a dude that I dated, an ex of mine. We were going somewhere we were using my car, he wanted to drive. We got to this joint. So when he pulled over a couple of his boys were around,

Pathological liar

He made his intentions clear by borrowing her Mercedes Benz which Kamene Goro had just purchased and apparently would drive around telling his friends it belongs to him.

This ninja is even giving stories of how he imported my car. I was just there standing like ‘are you kidding me?

Seeing how embarrassing and awkward this was, the Kiss FM presenter says she quietly started distancing herself from him; I mean, who knows what he’ll say next time.

Save to safe that was the last time I went anywhere in public with him.

Mmh…must have been a really young boyfriend.

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