Kamene Goro Should Be Ready For Baby Mama Drama

Kamene Goro has been termed a ‘husband snatcher’ after fans learned that her boyfriend DJ Bonez was ‘married’ to another woman.
The bubbly media personality was spotted in Diani on vacation with her man and their couple friend at a luxurious beach destination.

Kamene excitedly announced to her fans that ‘so something happened last night’ while displaying a yellow diamond cast ring.

She posed for a selfie showing off a different ring from the one she was gifted for her engagement.

A few days after Kamene Goro declared that she had plans to get married this year, her boyfriend, DJ Bones stated that he was not sure about when their wedding was going to happen.
When asked about her sentiments on being a ‘husband snatcher’, she responded

“It’s not what it seems, he was not married before. There is no way we would be getting married this year if he was married before.

No, I am not a husband snatcher.”

Prepare For Drama

We’re well aware of how baby mama’s deliver their harangue once they realize you have moved on with another chick. We don’t have to give examples. And this is exactly what will hit Kamene Goro if she’s ready to get married to Bonez.

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