Kamene Goro vs Andrew Kibe: We were right, Showbiz hainaurafiki

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe were an unlikely pair. The two of them first came onto the mainstream scene in a massive way when they were paired for the NRG Radio morning show. We had a woman who was clearly from the lap of luxury having to host a show with a man who was unapologetically masculine in the most crass of its display.

Xtiandela vs Kamene Goro and Jalang’o: Showbiz haina urafiki

None of us expected the duo to be as prolific as they were. If anything, we all thought they would be a dysfunctional team that would ultimately end in a failure. Afterall, he had made his name speaking men’s truth about intergender dynamics and she was a very vocal woman. Their ideas were bound to implode when they were exposed to each other. Instead, the opposite happened and they exploded onto our radio waves and Kenyans embraced them.

Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

After this, the pair were poached by Radio Africa Group for their own Breakfast show along with their producer, Xtiandela. And when this happened, the trio were over the moon. They were ecstatic at the fact that they now had a bigger audience and platform and they would be challenging themselves in an attempt to stamp their presence in a time slot that had given Kenyans such big personalities as Caroline Mutoko, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

Xtian and Andrew Kibe were never friends

But things didn’t go swimmingly for long. Perhaps it was the rigid structure they found at Radio Africa’s Kiss 100 or perhaps it was down to their personalities not being tailored for a more corporate setup but soon enough, Xtiandela was pushed out of the team and Andrew Kibe quickly followed. Only Kamene Goro was left by her lonesome and she struggled to keep her head above water.

No, really, her solo stint oversaw some of the most disastrous ratings the Kiss Breakfast Show had seen. But fortunately for her, she was quickly paired with jalang’o whom as fate would have it, was booted from Milele FM. Amor fati.

Kamene Goro explains why she ended friendship with Andrew Kibe

But just like their shortlived stint on Kiss100, the trio’s friendship went up in smoke -and it was all due to the fact that they were never really friends. Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and Xtiandela would never have naturally become friends had they met at random or in a friend’s group. They would have exchanged pleasantries and kept it pushing.

Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

We had said this before. Back in 2020 and we at Ghafla are glad to revisit the topic and be vindicated. Remember when we said, “Xtiandela and Kamene Goro were or perhaps it is “are” great friends and collaborators. They worked on the same show at NRG Radio before they were part of a trio including Andrew Kibe that was poached by Radio Africa to boost their morning show following the exit of Adelle which necessitated Shaffie Weru to be forced off the show.”?

Andrew Kibe reminds us why Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee

Now Kamene Goro is claiming Kibe is toxic… It’s not like he ever really changed his tune. If anything, I would concede that he watered and muted it alitle but more importantly, she had several hundred thousand reasons to ignore who he was. And sadly, those several hundred thousand blinders are no longer a thing so she has to see her former friend for all his true A.Hole glory.

With showbiz, you get on the scene, make your money, exchange a few fake smiles then go home and call it a day.

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