Kamene Goro’s open confession forces Jalang’o to walk out on her during Live show (Video)

Image: Kamene Goro’s open confession forces Jalang’o to walk out on her during Live show (Video)

Kiss 100 morning duo, Kamene Goro and Jalang’o have attracted a good following with their kind of random discussions around topics affecting the Kenyan public but it recently got to a point, the comedian could not take it from her.

The two brought up the discussion around dating and rules that come with it including how ladies and gents unapologetically stand up each other on planned dating occasions.

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According to Jalas, it is so disrespectful for someone to actually stand you up, for hours, no text, no call, nothing to even inform you that they are not even coming.

They just do it voluntarily and care less about your feelings.

Kamene Goro’s confession

That is before Kamene came in to admit that most ladies have stood up men they clearly agreed with to meet up, complete with a set date and venue and she is no exception.

“Honestly though, I’ve done that to a couple of men,” she admits.

Radio personality, Kamene Goro

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An irritated Jalas cautioned her on that level of disrespect before Kamene narrated her experience;

“It’s not our choice not to show up and I apologize to all the men I have done that to,” she starts off, gorgeously describing just how much of a spectacle the guy was but she still stood him up.

“A good-looking, handsome man who used to send flowers to the office, gifts, but for every date we planned, I never showed up for some reason,” Kamene adds.

Kamene and Jalas

But this one day, she had made up her mind that this guy does deserve a chance.

So the journey starts, she leaves for the venue but on the way, keeps having second thoughts and just as she is about to get there, things take a different turn.

“Ndio huyo mimi, Westlands roundabout, Uhuru Highway then to Silver Springs roundabout. Kufika T-Mall roundabout, and the guy at the time lives in Lang’ata, nikachapa U-turn,” she then bursts out in laughter.

Kiss 100 show hosts, Kamene and Jalang’o

But Jalang’o’s big question is; “Did you tell him you’re not going?”

This is what she said, that forced Jalang’o out of the room. Listen;

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