Karen Nyamu comes clean on using Ndukulu aka Ganja

Politician cum lawyer Karen Nyamu likes to fit in. But one obvious thing about her is that she is kinda of ghetto – but at the same time can be classy scratch that, I mean can be a good girl.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

So far she has been accused of getting involved with a married man who fathered her second born; but before then – Karen Nyamu has a scandal about a photo taken while she enjoyed some weed.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

The photo taken during a football match between Kingstone FC and Allin Jua Kali in Ziwani; but the highlight was a photo of Nyamu smoking some pot with a group of young boys – who were probably cheering her on.

Explains why Youths like weed

Well, with the story all over social media; Ms Nyamu recently had a chance to explain why and how the photo emerged online saying;

You know what happened, the youths use these things in the estates and slums. We only condemn them not to use but we don’t give them jobs.

Speaking to media personality Jeff Kuria through his YouTube show; Karen Nyamu went on to explain why she decided to smoke with the young boys; and her excuse was ‘to make them feel comfortable – not judged.’ Alaar!

Karen with the boys in the hood

 So, I went there and as we were talking they told me, Karen, vuta moja. To fit into that crowd, I took some puffs but didn’t inhale.

Wait, how do you puff puff pass and don’t inhale? Even a little? Come on Karen – but again, from the way the position she holds that blunt – trust me Nyamu is a pro!

But since she insisted on denying being a weed smoker, the lass went on to reveal that never in her life; has she ever spent her money to buy Marijuana. Yea right. And lastly, Karen said;

 Honestly speaking I have not used it. It’s rumors.

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