Karen Nyamu has a laundry list for a potential husband but she’s not wife material

Image: Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu recently shared a laundry list of who she wants for her next husband and all I could do was laugh heartily at the nonsense she had shared.

Qualities Karen Nyamu is looking for in next potential husband

You see, she has had two failed long-term relationships that were public and even then they both feel because of who she is as a woman and a wife.

Senator Karen Nyamu

The most known for all its glamour and toxicity was Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh which ended up a laughable mess simply because she does not understand how to be a partner and wife to a man but would rather indulge her idiosyncrasies.

Karen Nyamu painting Samidoh as a good dad days after mocking his manhood tells us alot about her character

We were treated to the less noble aspects of who she is. What we saw whenever her relationship with come up was an insecure woman who was more than willing to hurt others and humiliate her partner who happens to be the father of one of her kids.

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

And therein lies the question of the day; how can Karen Nyamu demand anything of a man yet she herself is not “wife material”? Think about that, she is so entitled that despite the fact that no man worth his salt would ever contemplated having her for anything more than recreational uses, she feels entitled to the best of the best men.

Why Karen Nyamu attacked Samidoh’s manhood

To be fair Kenyan men on Sims and they are more than willing to make wives out of single mothers and former heaux such as Amber Ray, but the toxicity with which we saw her and some idiots conduct their affair is bound to scare off any man with a modicum of self-respect.

Karen Nyamu beaten by Samidoh in front of daughter

And even some of the things she wanted out of her potential partner why are indicative of how immature she still is and an example of this would be when miss Karen Nyamu said she wants a spontaneous man. Any woman who has matured beyond the level of a teenager understands that spontaneity is not a characteristic of a healthy relationship.

Hii nikama imeenda: Karen Nyamu distances herself from Samidoh

If anything what women want is stability and though it might not be as exciting it pays for the man to be dependable rather than erratic and this is something she has still not come to grips with. That’s because she herself is unstable and impulsive.


One can only hope that Karen Nyamu learns to accept the spinster life because she would otherwise introduce chaos to the life of any man she attends to start a life with.

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