Karen Nyamu Offers Legendary Musician Mustafa Help

Legendary musician Mustafa has been on the limelight for a couple of days following his sentiments about being broke & having a sick mum.

A viral video of Mustafa doing ‘Mjengo’ roped in several fans’ reactions; where they questioned the pay of the music industry.

The Kenyan rapper, also known as Daudi Mustafa, seeked financial assistance from his fans after facing financial challenges.

The rapper recently spoke to vlogger Eve Mungai, revealing that he has been struggling to keep up with the medical bills for his mother’s chemotherapy. The situation has taken a toll on his finances, leaving him in need of support from his fans.

During the interview, Mustafa expressed his gratitude to his fans and pleaded with them to support him in any way possible.

He has since received numerous proposals; including from Karen Nyamu. The mother of two took to social media to share his Paybill number as she offered to give him personal support.

”Mustapha is an old friend of mine and seeing him in that state shocked me too

In my absense my team visited Mustapha’s ailing mom and offered my personal support. This is an appeal to his fans who are willing to support the family in the smallest way you can na mbarikiwe”

The rapper had been missing in action in the music industry for several years until recently when he revealed that he was working on a new album. Despite his efforts to make a comeback, the rapper has continued to face financial struggles, making it difficult for him to focus on his music career.

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