Karen Nyamu on why bonding with Samidoh son‘s became difficult at 3 Months

Image: Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

There is nothing worse than mum guilt. It can literally eat you up alive – but again, motherhood is a journey that most women learn to adopt naturally.

City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu’s colorful baby bump shoot

This past weekend politician cum lawyer Karen Nyamu got to open up about her second pregnancy; and from what she says – she too hard struggles like a first time mum; especially since it took her 5 years before adding another after her daughter was born.

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

According to miss Nyamu, her son Sam Jnr stopped bonding with her at 3 months. By bonding we mean ‘breastfeeding’ which is the best way a mother can connect with her newborn baby.

Why son quit breastfeeding at 3 months

However, Sam Jnr apparently got hooked to baby formula since the politician had to resume with work after the 3 months maternity leave. Speaking about this, the politician said;

  “At some point, before two months, some things needed my attention. My baby was introduced to formula very early. In the midst, he started experiencing colic and so we majored on giving him formula milk. By the time I was analysing my diet to stop the colic, my baby refused to breastfeed.”

Mum guilt

Just like most mums, the thought of not bonding with her baby boy not only broke her; but left her with mum guilt. She went on to add;

“It is so heartbreaking for a mother coz sometimes when your baby cries and you breastfeed them, they are sorted. I have to look for other tactics. I feel there is so much I am missing. I feel like there is a bond that is broken.

However these days Nyamu says she is using other tactics to fix her relationship with son;

These days I try as much as possible to sleep with him in my bed. That is how I bond with him.”


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