Karen Nyamu should be applauded for Samidoh’s recent growth in life & success in music

Image: Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu is not a new name in the entertainment industry but I bet most of you came to know about her after she opened up about her involvement with Mugithii singer Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

However at the time many branded her a side chick, home wrecker, mal*ya and this was so bad to a point where some fans threatened to cancel Samidoh….and him depending on his fans support, Samidoh for a minute decided to deny Karen Nyamu in a statement where he distanced himself bla bla bla saying he only has one wife etc….and then boom he had a second baby with her.

And I am thinking…this married man came out to deny Ms Nyamu after their first child together – a stunt that convinced many that his involvement with her was a mistake…and might have even been baby trapped – but then again, baby number 2? Wait….there is no way a man will make a ‘mistake’ twice with a woman he sees no future with, right?

Karen Nyamu with son, Sam Junior

Actually most tend to flee after the first baby, but Samidoh stayed…and even gave her another baby…..so you cant tell me this man doesnt know what he is doing.

Samidoh was right to stick to Karen Nyamu

Anyway speaking of their involvement, did you also notice that Samidoh has become so big in the entertainment business; to a point he is overshadowing the likes of your favorite gengetone artists, akina Nadia and the rest….something that happened after Nyamu outed their secret relationship on social media.

I hear his US gigs were overbooked and this is why Karen Nyamu jetted into the Yuwes (as she put it)…. and this is because fans wanted her present, to them there is no Samidoh without Karen Nyamu; and although yes we applaud wife, Edday Nderitu who has stuck with Samidoh from day 1…truth is, she has played her part well but for some reason Samidoh needed a woman who can challenge him, create controversy around him…i mean his good boy image wasn’t doing much, but with the new him – ata Europe ataenda.

All in all is – if a man can maintain two wives or more without favoring one over another, let him try his luck….you never know what the cowife will bring to the table.

For instance….Karen Nyamu once revealed she gives Edday Nderitu government tenders (through Samidoh) which have helped her in so many ways including expanding her businesses and being independent….so now tell me why Karen Nyamu shouldn’t be appreciated for involvement with Samidoh?

Saa zingine a blessing will come through a painful experience and in the end you realize, it was actually worth it.

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