Kartelo steps out of his comfort zone, blesses fans with new entertaining content

Kartelo is one of those celebrities who don’t need introduction, I mean both him and Modesto have made a name for themselves through comedy, YT show dubbed Rieng radio and through music.

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However from my understanding, they may have lost touch with fans in 2020 after the Covid pandemic happened; and just like other youngins in the gengetone industry – they suffered a big blow (money wise) since there were shows, no sponsors and worse no savings!

Around the same time, Kartelo and Chipukeezy fell out…a story that’s yet to be told – since both parties remain silent about their lost friendship; but hopefully in future they might open up about it.

Back like he never left

Anyway with the struggles and a new mindset on how he will handle his finances – Kartelo is back featuring VDJ Jones and one Lucci Kingpin on a new jam dubbed Kwa news.

From the lyrics – you can tell they are singing about alcohol maybe not the best content; but again, they’re just using their creativity to givie fans what they want.

Apart from the eye catching visuals (no naked girls featured, thank God) the boys (allow me to call them that) got creative by including Mashirima Kapombe‘a name on the song…. and from the comment section fans loved this!

Having grown up in the ghetto it’s quit humbling to see how they’ve picked themselves up despite the setbacks; and are back to making an honest living through music. Checkout the new music below.

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