Kasarani Police Arrest Conductor For Assaulting Passenger

A rogue conductor has been apprehended by Kasarani Police following an altercation with a female passenger on Thika Road. The incident, captured in a video that circulated online, showed the conductor forcibly dragging the woman by her arm along the roadside.

The video captured the woman’s struggles to free herself from the conductor’s grip. The situation escalated when the conductor slapped her, causing her to fall onto the pavement. Despite the assault, the woman confronted the conductor, questioning his actions.

The Sacco has since issued a formal apology to the victim and confirmed the arrest of the conductor. The management explained that the disagreement stemmed from the woman being dropped off at the wrong location. They assured customers that appropriate disciplinary measures would be taken.

The Sacco also acknowledged the need to address the issue of conductors engaging in inappropriate behavior. To prevent future incidents, they are considering implementing a uniform policy for both drivers and conductors.

The management reiterated their commitment to ensuring that such distressing incidents do not occur again.

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